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Equipment Or No Equipment?

'Can you recommend a good yoga mat?‘, is what I get asked the most from my friends & participants. In Yoga, arguably as in any sport or hobby you start, after a while you'll want to start to equip yourself with seemingly useful props, tools & equipment.

I have experienced this behavior myself multiple times, whether it being climbing equipment, cycling gear or a variety of paint & brushes for painting. Which is a natural thinking when you develop a serious interest in such activities, isn't it?

Of course, it's always worth asking yourself 'Do I need this, or do I think I need it?'

And sometimes you will come to the conclusion that you are not in desperate need of your own climbing rope when your climbing partner already possesses one.

And sometimes, you'll buy it anyways!

There's nothing wrong with investing in equipment, because it can help you become better in what you're doing and it can also increase your commitment to it. Despite the fact that I carefully avoid tossing functioning products, I will always highly recommend to invest in a great yoga mat, even if you already own three mats that are only half good. A mat with good grip was one of the first things I invested in and it elevated my practice so much. I don’t know if I just have super sweaty hands or if anyone else feels this way, but I had big issues to not fall on my face in every down dog on a gym or studio mat. So, when I got the recommendation for my current yoga mat I directly bought it and have used it for over 2 years and probably around 1000 hours of practice.

At least 10 of my friends & participants have since bought the same mat after trying mine.

Technically, you don't need anything at all to practice Yoga.

However, a mat is giving you a soft underground that protects your hands, knees, everything touching the ground. Your mat is also your safe space, the moment you roll it out and step on your mat there's a shift happening from being in a room or at a place to being on your mat. It's a whole thing.

So, long story short - here’s a link to my favorite Yoga mat. It is extra grippy and will not let you slip. Pinky promise. The company is Canada based and produces ‚with care around the world‘*( The online store that I linked here is specialized in selling sustainable product - so you don’t have to worry about buying any of their product. They also offer a 'Traveller' and a 'Strong' version.

Now that I've established how madly in love I am with my Yoga mat, let's talk about other props. I have to admit that many times, I have found myself buying fancy equipment and then hardly ever using it. The thing with props is that if you do use them to make certain asanas more accessible, you will most likely get stuck in that 'comfort' and not make the progress you could make. However, I have to point out that I am talking from an able-bodied position, I can access many poses fairly easily (not talking about the arm balances and splits here).

Props are a game changer when you’re training for more advanced asanas