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The Ultimate Packing List for your Yoga Retreat

Aktualisiert: 12. Aug. 2022

Use this guide to pack everything you need for a Yoga Retreat to make your preparation as smooth as possible

Congratulations on booking your Yoga Retreat - you are in for a great time with likeminded people and fun activities in a relaxed atmosphere.

You can look forward to an amazing trip with loads of me-time.

You have booked your (first) Yoga Retreat and are now wondering what to pack and also, what to leave at home? While there's a variety of different Retreat offerings, there's essentials that you don't want to miss. In this Blog you will find all aspects to consider and I will link my favorite products for traveling & Yoga.*

Before we dive into the packing and planning - take another moment to look forward to your upcoming trip.

Alright, let's start!

1. Travel Details And Documents

2. Yoga Wear & Equipment

3. Outside Yoga Class

4. What To Leave At Home

5. Exemplary Packing List For A 4 Day Retreat


1. Travel Details And Documents

Where, When & How Long Is Your Retreat?

These are important questions to ask yourself when packing: Will you spend two weeks in Bali or go on a winter weekend trip in the alps? Also, how you will travel there - by car, train or plane?

Firstly, you want to make sure to have all your travel documents ready before going on a trip. Be that train or plane tickets as well as your passport, medical documents and potentially Visas to enter the country. Depending on the activities you've planned it also makes sense to check out a travel insurance.

Okay, your documents are all set and you made sure you won't forget them when heading off to your trip. Back to the traveling - will you just drive from door to door or will it involve walking, stairs, layovers etc?

I like to travel with a suitcase whenever I know there's not much walking involved. However, I prefer a backpack to a weekender on trains for example. If you're looking for a new piece of luggage, you can find plenty of cool bags and backpacks here. Personally, I love to use a Duffle Bag that can be carried as a backpack. My favorite duffle is the Base Camp from The North Face, that is available in many sizes and colors.

Additionally, a really cool and useful piece will be a Yoga Bag for your mat. Unless you're carrying a travel mat, you will soon find out that a Yoga mat isn't really easy to pack. A Yoga Bag makes your mat easy to carry and protects it from dirt. Here you can browse for your perfect option.


2. Yoga Wear and Equipment

What type of Yoga Retreat have you signed up to and how many classes will take place? Will you be practicing meditation or Hot Yoga?

Choose comfortable outfits for your classes that will support you and don't interfere with your practice. Bring Yoga pants and tops as well as a sweater for after your practice. I find it quite hard to find Yoga Wear that fits well without being too loose or too tight or see-through. If you're looking for some new items that are sustainable you might want to check out my favorite online-shops and

Do you want to bring Yoga props?

I would always check the Retreat description or with your Yoga Teacher as they usually indicate if props are provided or not, or if they won't be needed in that setting. Personally, I rarely use props at all apart from my beloved Yoga Mat. (Read more in my Blog about the pros and cons of using props).

When your host is providing everything including mats it's of course up to you to travel as lightly as possible. As an experienced Yogi perhaps you have a preference on your Yoga mat. I would always bring it with me. This is the mat I have been using for four years now and I couldn't be more satisfied. And so are many of my participants, by the way.

For anything else, it is totally up to you if you feel you need a certain prop as well as if it needs to be your own personal item, like a blanket that you love to use for Savasana. If you find a Yoga strap useful to give yourself a little extra support in stretches then bring it. If you want to use a Bolster though, I would probably ask the host to organize one for you.

If your trip is a Yoga Training then you want to consider bringing literature and utensils to make notes.


3. Outside Yoga Class

What to pack for off the mat

Pack some outfits to relax in between classes and activities. Again, what is the venue like and where is it located? Make sure to bring a swimming suit when there's a pool or whirlpool nearby and to bring your hiking boots if you're going to the mountains.

Are there any local customs to adhere to in your destination country, for instance in some countries it is not allowed to wear shorts or tops that reveal the shoulders.

Other than that, pack enough clothes and shoes that are suitable for your destination to relax in between classes and when you decide to explore a little. Check twice if you need all toiletries that you would usually bring - it is safe to say that you won't be needing a lot of things in your Retreat. For my trips I am using a toiletry bag that you can hang up which is super good for small spaces.

For your free time, bring a good Book or two and some healthy snacks like nuts or your favorite chocolate bar. I also like to bring something that makes me feel good and reminds me of home, like a picture or a figurine.


4. What To Leave At Home

There are a few things that you won't really need on a Yoga Retreat and that you might regret bringing. For instance, don't spend too much thinking on make up, hair styling equipment and fancy dresses or shoes.

Just bring what you need to feel comfortable.


5. Exemplary Packing List

For a long weekend in the Alps

  • Travel Documents

  • 3-4 Yoga Outfits

  • Yoga Mat (and any props you decide to bring)

  • 2 sweaters

  • House Shoes & cozy Socks

  • Pyjamas and Underwear

  • Swimwear

  • Hiking Outfit & Boots

  • Daypack - I would always buy one with a hip belt for additional support

  • Rain Jacket

  • Reusable Water Bottle

  • Snacks (nuts, your favorite chocolate bar)

  • Sunglasses

  • A good book

  • Phone Charger

  • Toiletries and Medicine

  • Quick Drying Travel Towel

*the links provided in this Post are affiliate links. If you buy something clicking on a link the price won't change for you, but I will receive a small commission.

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